Friday, January 21, 2022

Canada Working Holiday Visa

 How to obtain a Canada Working Holiday Visa. The IEC is also known as the Working Holiday Visa in Canada and it could be your ticket to living temporarily while working in the Great White North.



Maintained Status in Canada

 In Canada, maintained status refers to a state where a temporary resident is allowed to extend their stay in the country.

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Immigrant Wages in Canada

 Over the years, the wages of immigrants in Canada have been on the rise.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Canadian Immigration in 2022

 As it stands, Canada wants to welcome 411,000 new immigrants this year. In 2023, Canada hopes to welcome 421,000 new arrivals.



How Canadian Employers Can Hire Immigrants Permanently

 With Canada continuing to face labor shortages, it’s not surprising that the Express Entry system is the most popular immigration pathway.



Canada Working Holiday Visa

 If you want to spend a working holiday in Canada, then you should learn more about the International Experience Canada (IEC) Working Holiday work permits.



Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway

 The Accelerated Tech Pathway will ensure that tech professionals who need a work permit get a letter of support from the government of Alberta.